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This describes how to set up the boards to use Wyliodrin API. Please read this first before starting using the API.

The API supports the following:

  • Send messages between boards
  • Send messages from the web
  • Send messages from mobile devices

There are two types of messages that you can send:

  • Open Messages
  • Messages

Open Messages

Open messages can be sent from the web or mobile applications. Each board is identified by a communication_token.

To enable open messages, go to the board menu and select Enable Open messages.

Once enabled, you will need the communication token. Go to the board menu and select Board ID. You will see here the board's ID, the communication token and QR code with it. You can also download and print this token.


Sending messages is done using the user communication token and the board id. This is the way to send messages from a board to another board.

This method of sending messages requires the user to be online (either in the browser or in the mobile app).

To obtain the user communication token go to Account Info.

To obtain the board id, go to the board menu and select Board ID.

Messages format

Messages have the following format:

  • Board ID and/or communication token
  • Label
  • Message

Board ID

Each board registered in Wyliodrin is identified using a Board ID. When sending a messages, you need to specify the board ID of the destination.


Each messages has a tag called label. When sending a message, you need to specify this. Boards are able to register themselves for a certain label.


The message is the actual value. It can be any data type.

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