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Board API

You can send messages from a board to another board using Python or Visual Programming.


To send or receive messages from Python, you first need to import wyliodrin.

from wyliodrin import * 

Send messages

To send a message, use the following code

# This needs to be called only once 
import json 
sendMessage('boardid', 'label', json.dumps(message))

Message can be any data type.

Receive Messages

To receive messages, you need to register a function for a label

def messagesReceiver(sender, label, error, message): 
  if error == None: 
    print(''.join([str(temp_value) for temp_value in [label, ':<', sender, '> ', message]])) 
openConnection('message label', messagesReceiver) 

Wildcards like * are accepted in the label's name.

Visual Programming

Blocks for sending an receiving messages are located in Social / Board Communication.

Sending messages

Receiving messages

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