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As its creators describe it, Rapiro is the robot everybody always wanted as a kid. It has 12 servos, eyes colored by a multicolor LED , is Arduino compatible and it can use a Raspberry Pi.

We really like Rapiro, so we decided to adapt Visual Programming for it. This way, the robot can be moved only by using a browser.

Let's play

Using Rapiro with Wyliodrin will require the following:

  • Rapiro
  • a Raspberry Pi Model B
  • a WiFi adapter for the Raspberry Pi (optional)
  • a 9V power adapter with 3 A (optional)

First Rapiro needs to be assembled. Please read the manual for assembling.

Before closing the head, please insert an SD Card using Wyliodrin image inside the Raspberry Pi. For more instructions on how to build the SD Card, please read Raspberry Pi Board Setup.

To use Rapiro with Wyliodrin, it needs to have a Raspberry Pi B inside. It is placed inside its head.

The Raspberry Pi will be able to connect to Wyliodrin an transfer the commands.

On the back of its head, you will find a network connection and two USB ports. Connect an Ethernet cable or insert a WiFi adapter in the USB port.

Power it up using 5 batteries or a 9 V with 3 A power adapter.

Create a new project with Visual Programming and use Rapiro blocks.


These blocks allow Rapiro robot movement.


Instructs Rapiro to walk forward or backwards for an amount of time.


Instructs Rapiro to turn left or right for an amount of time.


Instructs Rapiro to stop from what it is doing and pause.


Instructs Rapiro to wave its hand for an amount of time.


Instructs Rapiro to move its servos in an amount of time

The servos are:

Servo Right Left
Head 0 180
Waist 0 180
Servo Low Up
Right Shoulder 0 180
Right Arm 40 130
Left Shoulder 180 0
Left Arm 30 140
Servo Close Open
Right Hand 140 50
Left Hand 120 50
Servo Left Right
Right Foot Yaw 40 140
Right Foot Pitch 40 140
Left Foot Yaw 40 180
Left Foot Pitch 40 140

Eyes Color

Instructs Rapiro to change its eyes color in an amount of time

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