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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi (A/B model) has 26 GPIO 1) soldered pins and 5 GPIO pins that you need to solder. These may be used to control electronics connected to the Raspberry Pi. Among the things that can be done are:

  • lighting up LEDs
  • placing buttons
  • using relays
  • controlling motors

It is important to know how these pins can be accessed. For the Raspberry Pi, Wyliodrin uses the WiringPi pins layout described in the picture below. Place the Raspberry Pi with the SD Card faceing upwars.

As it can be seen, not all the pins may be used for anything. There are:

  • 2 5 V pins
  • 2 3.3 V pins
  • 5 ground pins
  • 17 data pins
  • 1 PWM pin (pin 1)

Out of these pins, only one pin has hardware PWM.

Pin Layout on Raspberry Pi model A/B

 Raspberry Pi with the SD Card facing upwards  Pins Layout Wiring Pi A/B

Pin Layout on Raspberry Pi model A+/B+

Raspberry Pi B+ model Pins Layout Raspberry Pi A+/B+

1) General Purpose Input Output
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