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Intel Galileo

This tutorial will show you how to setup your Intel Galileo to work with Wyliodrin.

You will need

  • Intel Galileo
  • A micro SD Card with minimum 4 GB (class 10 is recommended)

Setting up the board

Setting up the board requires the following steps:

  1. Adding the board to Wyliodrin
  2. Downloading the Intel Galileo SD Card Image
  3. Unzip the archive and write it to an SD Card
  4. Download the board configuration file and write it to the SD Card
  5. Insert the micro SD Card into to Intel Galileo and connect the board to the Internet

Sign in into your Wyliodrin account. On the Wyliodrin Projects page, click the Add Board button. You will be asked to provide the name and the type. Enter any name you like and select the Intel Galileo board type.

SD Card Image

Once the board has been added to Wyliodrin, you will see a short tutorial page on how to activate the board.

The next step that you need to take is to download and unzip the SD Card Image for the Intel Galileo and write it on an micro SD Card. The card need to be at least 4 GB.

Intel Galileo micro SD Card


  1. Insert the SD card into your SD card reader and check what drive letter it was assigned. You can easily see the drive letter (for example E:) by looking in the left column of Windows Explorer. You can use the SD Card slot (if you have one) or a cheap Adapter in a USB slot.
  2. Download the Win32DiskImager utility (it is also a zip file).
  3. Extract the executable from the zip file and run the Win32DiskImager utility; you may need to run the utility as Administrator! Right-click on the file, and select 'Run as Administrator'
  4. Select the unzipped Wyliodrin SD Card Image and rename it to
  5. Select the drive letter of the SD card in the device box. *Be careful to select the correct drive; if you get the wrong one you can destroy your data on the computer's hard disk!* If you are using an SD Card slot in your computer (if you have one) and can't see the drive in the Win32DiskImager window, try using a cheap Adapter in a USB slot.
  6. Click Write and wait for the write to complete.
  7. Exit the imager and eject the SD card.


Will be available soon

Mac OS

  1. Insert the SD Card into the SD Card reader or use a cheap SD Card adapter for your computer.
  2. Download PiWriter utility. This will be used for writing the Wyliodrin SD Card Image.
  3. Run PiWriter. You will be prompted for an administrator user and password. You will need to have adminustrator right to use PiWriter. If unsure what to do, just type in your pasword.
  4. Follow the instructions on screen
  5. Unzip the Wyliodrin SD Card Image and rename it to
  6. When prompted to select a file, select the unzipped Wyliodrin SD Card Image.

If PiWriter fails, please use this version of PiWriter

Board Activation

Once you have written the Wyliodrin SD Card image to the card, you will need to download and copy to the card the Wyliodrin configuration file. Just go to the Wyliodrin Projects page, click the icon on the right next to the boards name and select Configure. Read the instructions on screen, you will find a link to a file called wyliodrin.json.

Insert the SD Card into your computer. Once it apperas, copy the file wyliodrin.json directly on the card. Make sure the file is named exactly wyliodrin.json.

Please be aware that each board has a different configuration file. Even if they are all called wyliodrin.json, the content is different for each board that you want to activate.

Eject the card from you computer and insert it into the Intel Galileo. Connect the Intel Galileo to an Internet cable and plug it in. You will have to wait a little, the board will appear as online on the Wyliodrin Projects page

You have successfully activated the Intel Galileo.


If something goes wrong, please contact us and we will help you solve the problem.

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